Course Overview

SCHOOL for PROPHECY is the prophetic training ministry developed by Mark Iles and team with the ambitious objective of helping the wider church to be able to confidently, comfortably and correctly hear from God and powerfully move in the Biblical gift of prophecy. Its birth can be traced back to his first meeting with Graham Cooke in 1996 and the many years he worked with him during his time at Community Church, Southampton. After Graham moved to America Mark developed this ministry initially through the P.R.I.S.M. Training [Prophetic Resources Inspiring Spiritual Maturity] prophetic team and then more significantly when he left his career job in 2006 and moved full time into church consultancy, prophetic training, leading prophetic conferences and prophetic mentoring. Mark’s current major project is to write and publish the complete Developing Your Prophetic Gift level 1 course as an A4 training manual, containing a chapter for each of the 12 teaching sessions.

The School in its current form is able to offer three prophetic training courses which cover the majority of Biblical prophetic ministry roles. They are; –

  1. Developing Your Prophetic Gift [DYPG – Level 1]
  2. Growing a Prophetic Ministry [GAPM – Level 2]
  3. Prophetic Ministry Master Class [PMMC – Level 3]

Each training course usually run over a 12-month period and comprise 9 sessions which include a PowerPoint teaching presentation with detailed teaching notes, Q & A and a 1-hour practical workshop. The courses are designed to run monthly, but can also run successfully bi-monthly, termly or quarterly if the distances involved require that. There is an extended course option available with an additional 3 sessions. There are currently mp3 recordings of all the level 1 and 2 sessions available for purchase, together with supporting teaching notes. Level 3 session recordings will be added as suitable quality recordings become available.

The level 1 course is suitable for those with limited experience because it begins assuming no prior knowledge. However, it is also essential for those with a recognized gift because it establishes foundational biblical principles and practices that will help develop a fuller understanding and operation of the gift.

The level 2 course is designed for those who already have experience in moving in the gift of prophecy (or have completed the equivalent of the level 1 course) and would like to train to grow in corporate prophecy, develop a prophetic ministry and have a better understanding of their prophetic environment.

Finally, the level 3 course is intended for those who are experienced and recognised as moving in gift of prophecy (or have completed the equivalent of the level 2 course) and would like the opportunity to push the boundaries of their personal growth, develop a church building ministry and lay foundations for long term survival and success in challenging environments.