School for Prophecy
Prophetic Ministry Master Class
Level 3 Course Profile

The prophetic ministry is an essential component of the biblical ‘Five-Fold’ ministry team designed to equip us for our calling and mission, so that we can achieve our full potential and maturity in Christ. The School for Prophecy level 3 course Prophetic Ministry Master Class is designed to improve your ability to manage, focus and control your gift, increase the availability, anointing and accuracy of your gift and help you develop a strategic approach to your prophetic environment and its challenges.

The School for Prophecy level 3 course is intended for those who are experienced and recognised as moving in gift of prophecy or have completed the level 2 course [or equivalent training], and who would like the opportunity to push the boundaries of their personal growth, develop a church building ministry and lay foundations for long term survival and success in challenging environments.

It will provide clear and healthy Biblical teaching on these subjects, a comfortable and safe environment for you to practise and experienced advice on hand to help you grow in your calling. The School for Prophecy Level 3 course comprises the three prophetic teaching categories in the standard course, plus the additional fourth category in the extended course, as follows; –

Category 1: Prophetic Identity

  • Engaging with Emotional Intelligence
  • Employing Your Strengths
  • Embracing Godly Assertiveness

Category 2: Prophetic Culture

  • Managing the Prophetic Environment
  • Maturing the Prophetic Contribution
  • Mentoring the Prophetic Person

Category 3: Prophetic Leadership

  • Biblical Role of a Prophet
  • Building a Prophetic Team
  • Balancing Leadership, Authority and Accountability

Category 4: Prophetic Strategy [Extended course only]

  • Understanding God’s Ways
  • Releasing the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Developing Prophecy in the Local Church

For those able to attend the School for Prophecy Level 3 course, the sessions will include teaching using PowerPoint presentations, activation workshops, discussion groups, demonstration prophetic ministry and the all-important questions & answers times. Full student-style notes will be provided for each teaching session and recordings of the teaching will also be available to download. Please refer to the School for Prophecy level 3 course curriculum for full details of the subjects covered and their objectives.

The Prophetic Ministry Master Class level 3 course is currently the last School for Prophecy course in the series, but we do try to arrange termly encouragement and refreshment where possible. Please refer to the school website for full details of available manuals and courses. If you would like to us to consider running a course near you, please use the contact form on the school website.