Mark Iles

Mark & Julie celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in 2018, have four adult children and currently eight grandchildren. They have lived in Southampton since 1977 and have spent most of that time in one form of leadership or another, including 12 years as an Elder in Southampton Community Church. Julie cannot remember not knowing God and Mark was saved at 18 during his sister’s baptism.

Mark stepped down from being an Elder to travel with Graham Cooke in 1996, a recognised international prophetic ministry, and ministered with him at Churches, Conferences and Schools of Prophecy until 2004 when he moved to the USA. This was the birthplace of his Prophetic Ministry and the development of the School for Prophecy training courses.

Julie worked as a qualified ‘special needs’ teacher in primary school, and Mark worked in business as a Financial Director, until 2006 when they felt Father lead them out into working with Churches in the Prophetic Ministry. Their ministries now involve; –

Church Consultancy – Since then Mark & Julie have tried to build with an intentional focus on Kingdom principles through relational ministry, with an emphasis on envisioning, equipping and empowering, rather than entertaining. They work with many church families in the UK and overseas, across all denominations, styles and locations who are interested in building the Kingdom of God based on long term relationships built on trust.

Prophetic Training– Mark has been moving in a prophetic ministry since 1993 and brings considerable experience to help individuals and church families grow and develop the prophetic in a biblical and healthy environment. His avowed objective is to help the wider church to be able to confidently, comfortably and correctly hear from God and powerfully move in the Biblical gift of prophecy. Particularly utilising the extensive resources available through the School for Prophecy.

Professional Coaching – Through his leadership roles and prophetic ministry Mark has gained considerable knowledge and experience in pastoring the prophetic. As a result, after leaving his previous career in 2006 Mark has also been professionally coaching students, clients and leaders to help them identify & understand who they are and their calling & destiny in Christ. He has become particularly experienced with the use of the ‘Strengths Finder’ personality and skill resources, which many have found an extremely helpful tool.


Nigel & Jo Hemming – Senior Pastors, Winchester Vineyard Church

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Alan Baker – Mentor & Retired Senior Church Pastor

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