School for Prophecy
Growing a Prophetic Ministry
Level 2 Course Profile

The Prophetic Ministry is a biblical, relevant and essential body ministry, which unfortunately has had a difficult journey due to its misunderstanding and manipulation in the church and the world. The School for Prophecy level 2 course Growing a Prophetic Ministry establishes your Biblical foundations for the proper function of a prophetic ministry, provides training to safely move in a stronger anointing and equips you to handle the many environments in which you will operate.

The School for Prophecy level 2 course is suitable for those who already have experience in moving in the gift of prophecy or have completed the Level 1 course [or equivalent training], and would like to train to grow in corporate prophecy, develop a prophetic ministry and have a better understanding of their prophetic environment.

It will provide clear healthy Biblical teaching on these subjects, a comfortable and safe environment for you to practice and experienced advice on hand to help you grow in your anointing. The School for Prophecy level 2 course comprises the three prophetic teaching categories in the standard course, plus the additional fourth category in the extended course, as follows; –

Category 1: Prophetic Character

·         Establishing Kingdom Core Values

·         Embracing a Prophetic Character

·         Engaging with Your Strengths


Category 2: Prophetic Ministry

·         Pursuing Prophetic Ministry

·         Partnering with your Leaders

·         Personal prophetic Guidelines


Category 3: Prophetic Practice

·         Targeting the Truth through Testing

·         The Language of God

·         Turning Revelation into Reality


Category 4: Prophetic Warfare [Extended course only]

·         Understanding Religious Spirits

·         Discerning False Prophets

·         Overcoming Controlling Spirits

For those able to attend the School for Prophecy level 2 course, the sessions will include teaching using PowerPoint presentations, activation workshops, discussion groups, demonstration prophetic ministry and the all-important questions & answers times. Full student style notes will be provided for all the teaching sessions and downloadable recordings of the teaching will also be available to purchase. Please refer to the level 2 course curriculum schedule for full details of the subjects covered and their objectives.

For those unable to attend a 
School for Prophecy level 2 course I am currently writing the standard course teaching sessions into a manual using the same format as the level 1 manual. Please refer to the school website for full details of available manuals and courses. If you would like us to consider running a course near you, please use the contact form on the school website.