School for Prophecy
Growing in Prophetic Ministry
Level Two Training Course Curriculum

Topic 1: Prophetic Character

Prophetic Character examines those core areas of our character and maturity which will protect and guide us through the changes, challenges and conflicts of prophetic ministry. 

Chapter 1: Establishing Kingdom Core Values

The first Prophetic Character subject, Establishing Kingdom Core Values, seeks to explain, emphasise and establish the core principles of the biblical value system to ensure we have secure enough foundations for all that we do.

Chapter 2: Embracing a Prophetic Character

The second Prophetic Character subject, Embracing a Prophetic Character, develops The Character Challenges of Prophecy [L1:12] by assessing the impact of the presence or absence of each of the fruit of the Spirit during prophetic ministry.

Chapter 3: Engaging with Your Strengths

The final Prophetic Character subject, Engaging with Your Strengths, introduces the personality profile system ‘StrengthsFinder’ to take you further in increasing your self-awareness, understanding your identity and recognising your personality type.

Topic 2: Prophetic Ministry

Prophetic Ministry identifies strategies, principles and practices that are essential for the mature, managed and maintained operation of a ministry in the prophetic.

Chapter 4: Pursuing Prophetic Ministry

This first Prophetic Ministry subject explains the differences between moving in the gift of prophecy and having a prophetic ministry, as well as identifying the key principles and practices of its operation.

Chapter 5: Personal Prophetic Protocols

The second Prophetic Ministry subject instructs and advises on how to develop our own personal prophetic guidelines to ensure we engage, endure and excel through the challenges of prophetic ministry.

Chapter 6: Partnering with our Leaders

The final Prophetic Ministry subject examines the principles and practices involved in partnering with our leaders and the dynamics of a team ministry in the prophetic context.

Topic 3: Prophetic Practice

Prophetic Practice covers the biblical guidelines and procedures, which are fundamental to the safe, secure and successful operation of a fruitful prophetic ministry.

Chapter 7: Targeting the Truth through Testing


The first Prophetic Practice subject builds on The Principles of Testing Prophecy [L1:7] and gives advanced practical guidance on the application of testing to both personal and corporate prophecy.

Chapter 8: The Language of God

The second Prophetic Practice subject builds on The Principles of Interpreting Prophecy [L1:8] by examining the terminology and themes used by God to help us understand, deliver and receive prophecy more completely.

Chapter 9: Turning Revelation into Reality

The final Prophetic Practice subject builds on The Principles of Responding to Prophecy [L1:9] and describes the key features in walking with, engaging in and bringing a prophecy through to fulfilment.

Topic 4: Prophetic Warfare [Extended course only]

Prophetic Warfare seeks to explain, equip and empower us in preparation for the main sources of spiritual opposition we may encounter when moving in prophetic ministry.

Chapter 10: Understanding and Discerning Religious Spirits

The first Prophetic Warfare subject explains the definition, discernment, and deceptions of the more common types of religious spirits and contains practical and experienced advice on how they operate.

Chapter 11: Understanding and Discerning Controlling Spirits

The second Prophetic Warfare subject identifies the characteristics, strategies, and weapons of the more common types of controlling spirits and contains practical and experienced advice on how they operate.

Chapter 12: Understanding and Discerning False Prophets

The final Prophetic Warfare subject explains how to recognise the signs, symptoms, and strategies of the more common types of false prophets and contains practical and experienced advice on how they operate.