School for Prophecy
Developing Your Prophetic Gift
Level 1 Course Curriculum

Topic 1: Prophetic Engagements

Prophetic Engagements are those areas of spiritual interaction with God, which while a normal part of our salvation and relationship with him, are an integral part of how we move in the gift of prophecy.

Chapter 1: The Battle for Your Mind

The first Prophetic Engagements subject explains the importance of our thought life as the primary battleground with our enemy, explains his tactics, weapons and how to defeat him.

Chapter 2: Seeing the Bigger Picture

The second Prophetic Engagements subject lays the biblical principles of how to see the spiritual realm with our Father’s eyes, as well as the visible realm with our physical eyes.

Chapter 3: Hearing Your Father’s Voice

The final Prophetic Engagements subject establishes the centrality of our relationship with God, explains the main biblical ways he communicates with us and how to successfully engage with them.

Topic 2: Prophetic Foundations

Prophetic Foundations are a set of core principles that, very much like the foundations of a building, are what all our teaching, understanding and experience of the gift are based upon.

Chapter 4: The Biblical Gift of Prophecy

The first Prophetic Foundations subject introduces the biblical basis, definition and operation of the gift of prophecy while tackling many of the associated myths, misnomers and misunderstandings.

Chapter 5: New and Old Covenant Prophecy

The second Prophetic Foundations subject explains the crucial differences between New and Old Covenant prophecy and reveals a biblical pathway for a confused church and a deceived world.

Chapter 6: The Biblical Framework of Prophecy

The final Prophetic Foundations subject identifies core values, principles and practices that are essential to the correct, complimentary and complete operation of the gift of prophecy.

Topic 3: Prophetic Protocols

Prophetic Protocols are the biblical procedures and guidelines that govern the operation of the gift of prophecy and are fundamental to the safe, satisfactory and successful operation of the gift. 

Chapter 7: The Principles of Testing Prophecy

The first Prophetic Protocols subject addresses the second major area of misuse, misunderstanding and manipulation in the Church; why, when and how we should test prophecy.

Chapter 8: The Principles of Interpreting Prophecy

The second Prophetic Protocols subject provides biblical, practical and experienced guidance on the challenging but important area of interpreting prophecy.

Chapter 9: The Principles of Responding to Prophecy

The final Prophetic Protocols subject explains the importance, process and stages of how to respond to prophecy, from the often-ignored recipient’s viewpoint.

Topic 4: Prophetic Development [Extended course only]

Prophetic Developments are those areas of our anointing, training and calling that with proper investment can significantly shape and improve the consistency, maturity and longevity of our gift.

Chapter 10: Preparing to Prophesy

The first Prophetic Developments subject looks at the many ways we can prepare to prophesy, the resulting benefits, and how it helps us to develop a prophetic lifestyle.

Chapter 11: Unlocking the Prophetic Process

The second Prophetic Developments subject introduces the essential ingredients [i’s] of prophecy and helps to understand the process by identifying the importance of each of its seven key elements.

Chapter 12: The Character Challenges of Prophecy

The final Prophetic Developments subject looks at the ways the operation and environment of the gift of prophecy create specific challenges and pressures for our character.